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Every god falls at a mortal’s hands. Such is the only end to immortality.

-Steven Erikson, “Gardens of the Moon”

Several years ago I was overwhelmed with wanderlust; a desire to travel the country and explore each state’s individual characters and magic, their true stories and people that shaped their histories. Without the means to embark on this grand artistic adventure, I withdrew to reflect upon the lore that shaped my own life, and the stories from my childhood that breathed magic in it. It is an eclectic mesh of hand-me-down Norse mythology, herbalist folklore, local legends. These deities are all very real to a child, and the world is full of magic. I wanted to visualize that. The same muses speak to you, and you struggle to determine the best way to translate their song to your audience.

I started my casting for Mythos before it had a name, before it was ever a full-fledged idea. I just wanted to shoot mythology inspired images. I was overwhelmed by the response. So many other local artists held their own collection of stories dear. From their families, from where they grew up, from pop culture even. Instead of just the European influenced lore I know by heart I was introduced to the rest of the world, and the idea began to take shape. Just days after this first round of casting I picked up and began Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods,” and one of those many hands of fate grabbed me, as this fabulous book (go read it, if you haven’t) only fueled my current inspiration. A plethora of old gods and magics have been brought to America with our immigrant ancestors. They’ve grown, they’ve evolved, they’ve mingled with those that were already here in this land for centuries. They’ve shaped our communities, our language, our entertainment but with the passing of time were slain in the face of new powers: technology, fashion, television, politics. Yet their touch remains. So, I began hunting the pieces, beyond the prime-time happy endings for the truths of the things that go bump in the night, the ethereal explanations for what science has now explained as nature. To give back some life to the beings that shaped our cultures without the frosting of modern fantasy.

Mythos is aimed as a kind of hypothetical artistic journalism. A view into the authentic folklore & mythology that made the world make sense for all its people, and I’ve been blessed so far to have so many people with a passionate interest in the same, without the romance, without the happily ever after. There have been days & nights of research, endless conversations, designing, visualizing, and learning. I want to share this creative and academic journey, as myself & the teams I work with reach through that veil of reality into the many other realms there are.