Bekka Björke

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Hi! my name is Bekka Bjorke, and I’m a photographer and digital artist currently based out of southwestern Washington. I’ve always been very story hungry; I had artists for parents and folklore for dinner, and found myself constantly devouring every adventure I could. Photography is inherently about storytelling, and the tales that I want to tell are kind of what our childhood bedtime stories have evolved into, what has stuck as lifelong inspiration. Having grown up under the tropical skies in Hawai’i, came of age in the hustle and bustle of the Silicon Valley, and now settled amongst the mountains and forests of the Pacific Northwest, my environment and eclectic experiences are a constant influence in my images and how I relate to the people in them. By researching and exploring classical and mythological motifs, I aim to capture that inner creature in all my subjects to create a spellbinding vision of where those fantasies and our reality collide.